Osakon ~Osananajimi to Icha Love Kekkon Katsudou – おさこん ~幼馴染みとイチャラブ結婚活動~ エロ漫画 | E-Comics.org

Osakon ~Osananajimi to Icha Love Kekkon Katsudou – おさこん ~幼馴染みとイチャラブ結婚活動~ エロ漫画

Description: Moritoki is a 3th grade student, good at sports attending to the Hoshino Gakuen highschool. But also there are three chilhood friends of his that are attending the same highschool. Back in the days when they were childeren they make a promise with Moritoki, unfortunately Moritoki forgot the promise. They tell him the promise…
The day when he became a adult he must propose one of the three childhood friends. So from now 1 month later… which one is it going to be? who is your N.1
Type: Visual Novel
Tags: School, Romance, Idol, Nukige, Defloration, Harem, Public
Original title: おさこん ~幼馴染みとイチャラブ結婚活動~
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Censored
Platform: Windows
Size: 451 MB

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Category E-Comics: Adult Games PC | Android
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